I recently visited I Got U Vape in Thornton, CO to quickly grab some juice and possibly a new RDA. After driving around the Hobby Lobby parking lot, I finally found I Got U Vape on the West side of the retail complex. I pulled into a parking spot right in front of the store and saw many people inside vaping and hanging out. I cringed a bit as I know how sometimes it can be a pain to get service in a crowded vape shop when the employees value hanging out with their bros more than helping new customers.

Upon walking in I was greeted pleasantly and asked if I needed help. I walked over to the RDA section and began to ask about the different RDAs in stock. I Got U Vape has a decent selection of authentic RDAs and the only clones I saw were made by Tobeco. Naturally, they had one Trident RDA left over from 2013 (I think every shop has one), but otherwise their RDAs were up to date with current trends. They had a nice selection of authentic mech mods and VV/VW devices as well.

The house eliquid line is made in the shop and allowed to steep prior to sale. I was truly blown away by their Strawberry Cream flavor and purchased a 30ml bottle right away. Most house juice lines are sub par and mixed to order which, while normally touted as a good thing, results in juices needing to steep and gives the user a poor flavor experience. I Got U Vape an excellent line and they could probably rebrand and sell it as a premium line for double the price if they wanted to.

Even though the shop was full of people socializing and vaping, I felt like I was the only customer in the store due to the attentive service. From the time I walked through the door and while I was shopping and asking questions, I had the full, undivided attention of the person helping me. I assume this was the owner based on his knowledge and the way he spoke about his products. If every shop handled their customers in this fashion we would not hear horror stories on /r/electronic_cigarette of customers being ignored while visiting vape shops.

The outside of I Got U Vape in Thornton, CO. The inside of the shop is very open and not cluttered at all. Other vape shops could take a lesson from this one in how to set up the inside of your store.

What appears to be the same guy from the pic on the left blowing a cloud.

i got u vape thornton colorado

This is the person who helped me decide to purchase a Mako Shorty RDA. In spite of having a store full of customers, I had this guy’s undivided attention during my shopping process.

Here’s a promo image I found on the I Got U Vape Facebook page. looks like they do a lot of events and promotions which is key to success in the vape business. Photo Credit: Nick Foster

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I had a really great shopping experience at I Got U Vape in Thronton, CO. I will definitely be making this one of my regular shops. They keep up with industry trends, have great house juice, carry tons of premium lines, and have an excellent overall atmosphere.

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550 E Thornton Pkwy, #202, Thornton, CO 80229

(303) 359-6809