Vapor Delight in Beverly Hills, CA is a wonderful new vape shop making a splash in the local vaping community.

The first Vapor Delight location located in Santa Monica near Los Angeles opened just two years ago and it didn’t take long for the owner to prove his concept of a high end vapor bar and lounge. Local vapers quickly grew to love the atmosphere and started spending more and more of their vape budget with Vapor Delight.

Seeing an opportunity to fill in a niche’ the owner, Dean, decided to open a second Vapor Delight in the Beverly Hills / Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles, CA.

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Vapor Delight has an interesting concept. Picture the sleek lines and modern design of an Apple store selling high end mechanical mods and premium e liquid instead of high end tech gear. Every inch of the store in Los Angeles was designed to stimulate a wonderful shopping experience from the ambient lighting on down to the tablets at the vapor bar. The owner took his time in planning and really figured out what vapers want – a nice relaxing place to not only shop but to also hangout.

At this point Vapor Delight has become the hangout spot for vapers in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles and we can totally see why. If every vape shop owner took a hint from Vapor Delight they would see their store becoming much more popular and their sales would soar higher than ever.

Vapor Delight has done everything by the book from a marketing standpoint. The have great continuity between their website and all of their social media which imprints their brand in the user’s brain and causes consumers to think about them before making a vapor related purchase.

On the inside of the shop there is a vapor bar where customers can sample many different lines of ultra premium e juice and a vapor lounge where customers can relax and enjoy flat screen TVs while lounging on plush couches.

vape shop beverly hills ca

As more and more people switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, I think we will see more creativity from our local vape shops. In order to set themselves apart from their competitors, e-cigarette stores will need to come up with different concepts to drive traffic into their stores. There may come a day when we visit our local vape store not only to make a purchase but to hang out or watch the game. Look forward to seeing these shops become more creative!

Vapor Delight - Los Angeles

Vapor Delight - Beverly Hills

Vapor Delight - Los Angeles, CA

1855 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, California
(310) 986-2076

Vapor Delight - Beverly Hills, CA

8474 W 3rd St.
Los Angeles CA, 90048
(323) 452-9880

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