7 Ways to use Suggestive Selling in Your E-Cigarette Store to Grow Your Profits

If every customer increased their average amount spent $5 – $10 how much more money would you have at the end each of month? If you help 20 customers each day and you are open 6 days each week you would increase your sales by $2400 – $4800 each month! That’s a pretty big increase in your gross sales and it can be accomplished by uttering just a few words prior to taking payment from your customer.
Let’s take a hard look at why suggestive selling is important and why your staff should be trained to properly identify up-sell and cross sell opportunities.

suggestive selling

Suggestive selling is the idea that if you suggest that a customer (who is already making a purchase) purchase an item that will go hand in hand with the item that they are in the process of purchasing.
McDonalds is famous for asking, “Do you want fries with that?” and while fries and a burger definitely go well together they aren’t asking if you want fries because they care about you. The executives at McDonalds saw a huge opportunity to increase their profits suggesting that customers purchase a complimentary item. When serving over 1 million customers each day a $1 up-sell translates into millions of dollars in profits.
Here are some ways that you can incrementally increase your profits in your vape shop.
  • Learn Which Products Go Well Together

    Identify potential up-sell opportunities by thinking about which products go well together. For example, if a customer buys a dripping atomizer, you identify Kanthal wire, wicking material, or a drip tip as a potential up-sell. Just make sure that the cost of the up-sell item is under $10-$15. If it’s over $10-$15 it no longer becomes an impulse buy.
  • Keep Your Up-Sell Items Close to the Register

    In order for your customer to make an impulsive decision the object of the impulse needs to be close at hand and visible. Try to reach for the item and show it to the customer as you suggest that it would be a compliment to the item that item that they are purchasing. If possible get the customer to hold the item because they are then taking ownership of it.
  • Don't Be Pushy! Help the Customer

    Remember, you are suggesting, not selling. If you come off as pushy the customer will remember that they felt uncomfortable and will likely not return. You suggestion should come from an inner desire to genuinely help your customer. For instance, you may like Ni-Chrome better than Kanthal. Suggesting that the customer try Ni-Chrome is not but being pushy but rather sharing an experience and offering some help. If you can, try to relate a personal experience to the product you are suggesting.
  • Get Your Staff On Board

    Teach your employees to suggestively sell. In fact, make it priority for your staff to suggest an additional purchase at checkout. You can even have fun with it by centering contests around who sells the most ancillary products or who has the highest overall sales. Reward your staff with free products or come up with a bonus plan. Keeping your employees motivated and happy is very important and will often determine your overall success.
  • Keep Your Strategy Consistent

    Use the same basic sales pitch for each up-sell. Make sure your staff are applying the same technique on each customer. This will give you a baseline to measure the success of future up-sell campaigns or changes to your sales pitch. It should go something like, “I see you purchased ____. I actually have one that I use all the time and I found that it worked so much better when I tried using ____ with it. We actually have them on sale right now for $$$.”  Then stop talking and hand the item to the customer so they can look at it. After they look at it for a moment say, “Do you want to go ahead and try that?” If the item is not ridiculously expensive they will most likely purchase it and most importantly they will feel good about their purchase because you took a personal approach.
  • Ask Questions

    Find out what your customers like and what products they are using. If you know the customer A uses RDAs then be sure to suggest items that go along with RDAs. If customer B likes using the standard batteries then suggest appropriate tanks/clearomizers that you think they would enjoy.
  • Have a Conversation

    If your customer thinks that the only reason you are suggesting an item is to make sale they will most likely say no to the item and never come back. I’m sure you already do this but have engaging conversations with your customers. Find out who they are, what they do for a living, what they do for fun, etc. Doing this will build trust and then when you do suggest an additional purchase it will be received as a true attempt to help and not a seedy sales pitch.
We hope you enjoyed our tips on up-selling and suggestive selling. If you apply these techniques correctly we guarantee that you will increase your sales and ultimately increase your profits. Just make sure you’re keeping the best interests of the customer in mind because, after all, that’s why are here in the first place. Buy Local, Be Happy.
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